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Sentia Kim : Just got this in today and I must admit that it actually exceeded my expectations. Package came on time and was well protected from the elements, I think a total of 3 bags around it. Looks very authentic, and this is coming from a jersey fanatic. I own many replica, swingman and authentic jerseys as I am a collector so I am very hard to please when it comes to jerseys and this one is one of the best that ive received. Its amazing that I paid under 20 bucks for it, as ive paid upwards of $100 for similar cuts. Definitely buying a few more, and yes it does have the adidas logo on the upper right pec as well as on the front tag at the bottom of the jersey. I will say that you may want to order a size down as jerseys are typically longer than shirts, I expected this so I ordered one size smaller and it fits perfectly

David Bowers : A nice lightweight jacket for those chilly mornings when I'm out walking the dogs or working around the house good price too

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